Amerika. United States exploring expedition. Wilkes. 1852.


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Amerika. United States exploring expedition. Charles Wilkes.
The United States Exploring Expedition was an exploring and surveying expedition of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding lands. The original appointed commanding officer was Commodore Thomas Jones. The voyage is sometimes called the U.S. Ex. Ex. for short, or the Wilkes Expedition in honor of its next appointed commanding officer, United States Navy Lieutenant Charles Wilkes.
The expedition was of major importance to the growth of science in the United States, in particular the then-young field of oceanography. During the event, armed conflict between Pacific islanders and the expedition was not uncommon and dozens of natives were killed in action, as well as a few Americans.
In twee delen. Uitgegeven in Londen, door Ingram, Cooke, Strand, 1852 – First edition – 318 + 326 pp – hardcover –
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